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Monday, December 14, 2015


Billy Loveman


              WWIII is defined as a full in war between majority of the globe's nations, in subsequence to WWI and WWII which occurred in the 1910s and 1940s. Since the attacks on Paris and hearings about ISIS training camps in the Middle East, it seems as if there are puzzle pieces and previous battles being established before a much larger and involved war. One can almost feel like history is in the making, like the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand before WWI and Pearl Harbor before the U.S.'s involvement in WWII. The real question is how has WWIII not been officially established or outlined in response to all of the commotion in current times? In response to this common question, many people focus on the violent causes that are leading up to a major war and the actions that different nations are taking in reaction to these roots towards war.

               The Paris attacks had been the most effective terrorist attacks on civilian soil spin Europe since WWII, causing the continent to go on a partial lockdown, to protect from alternate attacks of violence. Shortly after this event, a Russian fighter jet was shot down by a member of NATO, getting yet another country to become involved in the undertones war in our midst.  In the article How Is This Not WWIII?, the author stated, "If this had occurred during the Cold War, we would be bracing for the possibility of a nuclear war." In reaction to this attack, President Putin called a meeting with the UN of security, while NATO called their own emergency meeting, signifying the separation between teams for the "war." On the other side of this battle, Al Qaeda fights for recognition amongst the world and still remains as a competitor of ISIS. The Shiites battles the Sunnies, the Arabs are against the Iranians, and the Kurds are against ISIS as well. This expresses how there is a vast amount of rivalry and fight for territory amongst the Middle East, creating even more of a dangerous war zone than the free world could have expected. This sets in the hazard for soldiers from France, Russia, or America to stepping into the Middle East, because then they risk interfering with civil rivalries that are not their fights to battle. In the midst of these other parties forming against ISIS or even for ISIS in the Middle East, an alternate alliance has formed to battle against the violence that the world may face. This includes Russia, Turkey, the U.S., the "anti-ISIS coalition," and France.  Many other smaller unions have formed to fight ISIS as well, but don't have the support of a full nation. The group, "Anonymous" is a computer hacking alliance that originally used their methods to exploit the faulties of government. But in subsequence to the attacks on France, they have turned their focus on ISIS, launching their biggest operation ever and have also declared cyber war on them. Representing Switzerland, Peru, and the UK, they are mainly focusing on defending France because of the attacks by using cyber attacks against ISIS. They have released videos that state their hatred against ISIS and how France will come out of this experience even stronger due to the actions that they will take. Another example of domestic fights against ISIS is gang violence in the U.S. The largest rival gangs in American society are the blood and crips, who claim that they have also declared war on ISIS. Thousands of members met in a park in Brooklyn recently, stating that ISIS is "soft," yet these gangs really know what it is like in the world. They claim that they will rent cruise ships and attack members of ISIS in the Middle East with all of their manpower. Despite that violence is being created, it makes Americans feel that domestic violence is being dissolved at the moment and everyone in the world now has a common enemy. Overall, nations are creating both enemies and allies for the chance of an upcoming war, while many others groups have unified to use their methods against the terrorist group, ISIS.

               President Barack Obama and Putin have both handled the reactions to the ISIS attacks very differently. Obama has stated that American military is making major efforts in containing ISIS by sending air strikes against Syria alongside France's Air Force as well. While Putin has sent massive military force into Syria in order to enforce the end to the conflict in the Middle East with armed soldiers and risking many lives. America has 150+ planes deployed in Syria in order ultimately bomb them, while Russia and France really only have around 35 planes each. ISIS has made influence on certain areas of operations, so their believers have made many targets around the world, sparking violence with no purpose. The Syrian World War hosts the coalition of more than 60 nations around the globe, which is about 1/4 of the nations in existence.  War is a factor in everyday life, but if this turns into world war, violence will prevail across the globe and nuclear destruction may be a factor, which is a scary foresight to have.



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  1. I agree that ISIS has the potential to really shake up whats going on globally right now in a negative way.