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Monday, December 14, 2015

Living In Fear

Mother's Blog About "Living In Fear"

Growing up in the 70’s was a gift.  I remember the only thing I was scared of was the “boogie

man” and he wasn’t even real.  My grandparents lived down the street from me which meant I

never had a babysitter. We used our home phones to call our friends and we actually wrote letters

to them over the summer.  We played outside and never once feared there would be a drive-by

shooting or terrorists on our streets.

Times have changed and it makes me sad.  Our children get on airplanes to see their

grandparents and now we do the same to see our children.  Our kids would never consider using

a home phone and sadly the “boogie man” today is very real.   I worry about the impact fear and

disconnection will have on our children.  A social worker at New Trier told me last year they

were in triage treating kids with anxiety and depression.  I am certain the Paris shootings have

raised the level of worry to an even greater level.

Our oldest daughter Marin is working at NBC in New York City and was chosen out of 16,000

applicants.  She is living her career dream, but she won’t get on the subway because she is

terrified of the terror threats.  Our middle daughter Carly has plans to study abroad in Florence,

Italy for her spring semester.  She studies Art History and is excited to have the opportunity to

live where so many masters created their work. But she is terrified of the terror threats.  Our son

Billy is still at home and thankfully does not have terror concerns … yet.

So how do we keep our hopes and dreams alive for our children without giving in to worry?

And how do we keep them from worrying?  I lay awake at night wishing for Marin to move

home, for Carly not to travel abroad and for Billy to attend college close by.  But I know this is

not possible.  I also know firsthand that worry is a waste of time and we can’t stop our children

from their journeys.

So I rely on two things to get me through the day, and the wee hours of the night.  My faith and

70’s music.  I pray, I meditate and I listen to Pandora’s 70’s station.  Prayer keeps me centered

and connects me to a source that keeps me calm.  And since I can’t live in the 70’s, I keep the

music flowing in my 2015 life.  It’s a great reminder that good is greater than evil and putting

peace and love into the universe is our best shot at changing the climate of our world.  We’ve

never needed the peace sign more, so I say bring back the 70’s in any way we can – through

music, peace, love, putting down our i-phones, writing a letter, calling our grandparents and

taking a break from worry,

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