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Monday, December 14, 2015

Attacks on Paris

Billy Loveman
English 3

Terrorist Attacks on Paris

The terrorist attacks on Paris caught the attention of both the world and all of social media. Hearts were broken across the globe and people became sick to their stomachs in reaction to the major tragedy. At least 129 people were killed in this violent attack, that caused fear and tension between many different countries. The masterminds and prosecutors of these attacks were apart of a group called ISIS (Islamic State). This terrorist group seeks to cause fear and violence across the world for no good motives. The foundation of their religion is based on killing others and themselves, in order to spark chaos. They have began many training camps across the Middle East and already executed many other minor attacks. They have been born into a community where they have an established anguish for America and the freedom that it represents. Not only does ISIS hate America, they hate many other western cultures that believe in democracy and express the belief of liberty and freedom as well. Many believe that this group cannot be stopped, while others believe that violence could be the solution to this extreme problem that is occurring in our modern world.

A huge manhunt is undergoing, in search for the accomplices of these attacks and for the men who masterminded the bombings. These terrorists showed absolutely no mercy and had no humanity while hunting down hundreds of innocent civilians. While some believe to take this action with peace and shed no reaction, France and America had taken their chances into a different direction. The two countries dropped more than 20 bombs on militant areas within Syria, that had a population of around 200,000 people. This was made out as “an act of war,” showing that this type of battle and violence is now amongst the world. This reaction caused escalation to the attacks and killed around the same amount of civilians that ISIS killed in Paris. Not nearly the same amount of people have recognized this attack, as they did for Paris, showing how countries within Europe are much more praised than countries like Syria, which are in the Middle East. These back and forth raids will cause more nuclear and scare of violence within the world, resulting in an all out war. Although it may seem unethical to do so, but America needs to take action with ISIS and respond in the only way that ISIS will listen to. If this must cause war, it needs to be taken, since ISIS is too dangerous to keep uncontained. Those who perished in the Paris attacks should be avenged and these western countries must be willing to stand up against the intolerable and immoral group of ISIS, in order to do so. Is war ethical under these circumstances or not? I believe that if it is the only way to resolve alternate violence against innocent people, it will be necessary to result in violence for beneficial causes, so everyone can feel safe in this world.

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